Mastitis Detection with LiveCare


The spread of modern large-scale farming made the livestock industry more susceptible to disease due to lack of hygiene and nutrition. It is the major concern of the dairy farms to control mastitis. The lactating cows are exposed to a high risk of mastitis caused by the inflammatory process in the udder. 

<He who touches pitch shall be defiled therewith (Chinese ancient maxim)>

Milk from the infected cow presents a high Somatic Cell Counts(SSC), it is less valuable as a consumer commodity. The whole production quality deteriorates if this type of milk is being mixed into the batch. Therefore, it is the optimal way of maintaining quality milk production by preventing mastitis.

LiveCare detects mastitis promptly

LiveCare does not act as vaccine nor it stops mastitis. Nevertheless, LiveCare instantly detects any symptoms of mastitis which can allow farmers to treat the disease in a timely manner. How does the early check on mastitis could affect the farmer and the infected cow?

It minimizes the quality deterioration

The cow with mastitis needs to be separated from the herds in order to prevent its low quality milk being mixed into the production batch. The prevalence of sub-clinical mastitis cannot be diagnosed via visual observations, therefore, LiveCare acts as the effective aids in the detection and prevention of mastitis.  

The presence of sub-clinical mastitis is prevalent. The importance of mastitis monitoring based on biometric information cannot be emphasized enough.  


Positive effects of early diagnosis and treatment on the cow’s health recovery and aftereffect care.

It takes about 1 to 2 weeks to recover from mastitis. The recovery process can be shortened if the application of disease treatment starts sooner. 
Let’s review how LiveCare detects mastitis from the user experience. The below illustrates the occurrence of mastitis from a farm in Yesan-si, Korea on Feb 7th, 2017. Can you spot the sudden increase in body temperature? LiveCare identifies any abnormalities in body temperature as a symptom of mastitis. In following, LiveCare’s alarm system notifies the user upon a holistic analysis taking into account both the historical data and the current condition of the respective cow.   

The farmer’s assessment of the cow confirmed mastitis. The farmer applied fever remedy only, any use of antibiotics was not required as the cow’s condition was significantly better in the following day. 

LiveCare focuses on the healthy of livestock and the efficient farm management. We have more updates on the livestock disease monitoring in near future, so stay tuned!    



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