Importance of Drinking


Have you heard the expression ‘Water is Life’? Just like it is crucial for human, it is equal for livestock as well. Let’s have a look how it affects to cows.

Drinking times

Breeding cow drinks two or three times a day. During summer, it drinks one or two more times. You can see temporary body temperature drop due to drinking in the squared area from the picture below. This cow drinks at the similar times every day. 

In terms of dairy cow, it drinks more. It is because it needs more water to produce milk. Usually, dairy cow drinks ten times a day. Some dairy cows drink more than twenty times a day. Below is the dairy cow’s body temperature graph. There are many drinking times to point certain point.

<Drinking times of breeding cow and dairy cow?

No matter it is breeding cow or dairy cow, cows drink at specific times regularly. Only difference is the quantity they drink. However, when a cow drinks less than usual suddenly, it means it has some health problem.

The example graph below shows that this cow drinks less when a disease occurs. It is diagnosed of respiratory disease. When it recovered, it re-started to drink.

LiveCare’s bio capsule sends data 365 days so that AI can analyze and take action. Therefore, farmers can manage their farm without missing any important information. For example, when a cow below hasn’t drunk more than 24 hours, LiveCare’s AI detected and sent an alert ‘no drinking’ to the farmer.

There are more and more farmers these dasy who want to manage their cow’s drinking activity in order to regain milk quantity after calving, manage their condition or for other reasons. How about managing your cows’ drinking activity easily using LiveCare?



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